Making (and Maintaining) Meaningful Connections

So although all 30 people in my dorm are sick, it appears I have escaped the disease (for now at least…) Thus, with my friends spending a lot of their time bedridden, they had no time to distract me and left me with a week that I would be able to focus on Star TP – my favorite. Part of what I spoke about in my acceptance speech at the Growth Conference was being able to balance college life and running a business and how I actually do it. And I always tell people the same thing – this is what I love to do. No matter what it is, when you find something that you absolutely love doing, you have no issue doing it every moment of every day. Whether I am designing an ad, taking a meeting, or taking pictures with Barbara Corcoran, I love every moment of what I do (especially with the knowledge that I am not confined to my bed like my friends!).

As is necessary with any week, this week I had two majors focuses. First I wanted to focus on customer success. Obviously every company defines this differently, but at Star Toilet Paper we think of customer success as being able to maintain not just relationships with our clients, but ensure their ads are working and making sure those relationships are strong. How do we do this? Well first of all, we make sure that we send them rolls with their advertisements on them, partly because it is really freakin’ cool to have a roll of toilet paper with your advertisement and partly because it is essential for our customers to see where their money is going! They always enjoy the rolls, and we are also sure to include a business card, some Star TP stickers to display on their storefront, and most importantly, a handwritten note about the relationship we have with the customer.

All the boxes of rolls and notes! Shoutout to the best baseball team in the world in the background!

All the boxes of rolls and notes! Shoutout to the best baseball team in the world in the background!

Sidebar to customer relationships – handwritten notes are amazing. And it is something that every single person should do, whether it is in their business life or personal life. Taking the time to spend 5 minutes to write a note rather than just an email really can make the difference in maintaining a relationship. People may tell me, “well think about all the things you could have done with that time!” My response would be two-fold. First of all, I sent out 6 packages the other day, all of which contained personalized handwritten notes. If each one took me 5 minutes, that is just 30 minutes that it took me to maintain 6 different business relationships. That is definitely 30 minutes I would spend over and over again writing handwritten notes. You know how I know that this works (besides the people who have told me)? I wrote Barbara Corcoran a handwritten note to say thank you for the Growth Conference and, despite the influx of mail she must get, she gladly responded and we have maintained that connection. Now THAT is awesome.

Why not add another picture from this amazing day?

Why not add another picture from this amazing day?

My second focus of the week was marketing and networking. One of my goals this semester is to build a network here in Durham and the Triangle. There are some really amazing people here and some amazing companies that I wanted to be sure I get involved. Part of the reason I love doing this is because I get to meet such cool people. My first event will be on February 6 and is called Startup and Play. It was introduced to me by Anthony Pompliano, who I met last semester and has been an incredible connection and person to me as a whole. He told me I should get involved and it would be a cool way to meet people. With his recommendation, I was of course going to do it.

As I get more and more information about it, it seems like it is going to be so fun. I had a call with one of the organizers, Aaron Gerry, to discuss what I would be doing as my showcase. I think it is going to be a sort of science fair for businesses and those who are interested will just walk around and visit where they want to. However, each business will be getting a time to “showcase” their product, whatever it may be. They encourage us to be creative with it, so what did Aaron suggest? We have a mummy contest to see who can rap people in Star TP the fastest! Now I am not sure how much TP that would take nor if we will actually do that, but it just goes to show you the creativity that will be present at the event – really looking forward to it!

Yesterday I had a phone call with Moe Abdou, of 33voices. I went into it thinking it would be cool, since it was a phone interview and I love doing them, but not thinking much more of it. However, from the moment we started talking, it was different. Before we even started recording, we had a 20 minute conversation about the company, about what I like to do, and just about life. He was genuinely interested in both what I had to say and myself as a whole. We had a great interview that should be up in a few days, but it will be pretty cool to be next to the likes of a few famous people like Jack Dorsey (Twitter and Square), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Erika Napoletano (who was a speaker at the Growth Conference. And he is somebody who knows a ton of people and, as I was stating above, connections are everything. With a guy as amazing as Moe I can definitely see it turning into a great relationship.

The week ended with a pretty cool bang as I was featured in the USA Today College section as an inspiring entrepreneur. It was then shared by Duke University (who I have received amazing support from) on their Facebook page with over 100,000 likes. Click here to check it out.

As always, after a great week, let me know about your week! Comment below, like us on Facebook and write on our wall, or email me at And remember, Don’t Rush, Look Before You Flush!

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Inside a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

A phrase that used to be really trendy was guerrilla marketing. It is the ability to captivate the attention of an audience on a minimal budget by doing unique things. Before I entered the advertising industry I always had the image of flash mobs ( or really unique advertising like I have discussed in past blog posts. But what is guerrilla marketing at its heart?

Wikipedia goes in depth on it (, but there are a few key traits that I think a good guerrilla marketing campaign must have. When you combine these characteristics you get successful marketing that will turn people into avid fans of your brand.

Unconventional: Something is unconventional when it does not conform to the rules or standards. When talking about unconventional advertising that means something that is not ordinary or commonplace. An ordinary ad is something like a television ad, banner ad, or radio spot. They are things we fast forward, walk past, and go out of our way to ignore. Out of the ineffectiveness of some conventional advertising spawned a new form of marketing – wait marketing. It is based on the idea of putting advertisements where people wait in an unconventional manner ( By placing ads in an unconventional and unexpected place, companies leverage a more captive audience and increase brand awareness.

Unexpected: The great thing about advertising is that it can be anywhere. Advertising in conventional places such as a magazine, on television, or on a billboard are expected and in turn ignored. So what are some places that have advertising now that people are not expecting? How about gas stations, airplanes, and subway cars? What will be the next place people will unexpectedly find advertising?

Word of Mouth Buzz: A lot of people talk about generating word of mouth buzz. Social media is based around the concept of getting friends to recommend brands and products to one another. At its base, word of mouth buzz is simply getting people to talk about a brand. This is commonly referred to as viral marketing and it enables companies to see a chain reaction through one advertising medium.

Guerrilla marketing is successful because it has all three of these components. It is unconventional since it is not seen as a traditional advertising medium and many times happens in unexpected places like cities, malls, or even the beach ( Because of its unique and innovative manner it generates word of mouth buzz that expands a brands reach.

If your company is looking for a unique and innovative way to advertise I highly suggest guerrilla marketing as a major avenue. More specifically, advertising on toilet paper, which is unconventional, unexpected when one enters a bathroom, and generates significant word of mouth buzz for your company.


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Coming Back to Reality While Working Your Dream Job

So this past week was a return from celebrity status for both my brother and myself. We were able to do a few things to drag it out as long as possible, which you will see, but it was back to the hard work and grind of a startup.

As soon as I returned back from Dallas, I wanted to post photos and connect with the amazing people I had met there. The photos were for everyone to be able to share in the experience that Jordan and I had, whether it was the simple things like the unbelievable stage that was set up or the once-in-a-lifetime things like meeting Barbara Corcoran and having somebody ask you for your autograph. As I stated in the previous blog, it was a surreal and humbling experience that I will be sure to remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

Simultaneously, as I uploaded photos to Facebook for almost the first time (at least by watching me do it you would have thought it was the first time), I made sure to connect with the people I had met. Some of them I simply connected to on LinkedIn and others I wanted to be sure I could thank and maintain the connection. It is even more surreal when you have people like Tim Davis, president of the UPS Store, telling me that I am going to be successful and to keep working hard because he really sees potential or Ryan Shea, who runs Entrepreneur Magazine, telling me to stay in touch and that he is a short phone call or email away if I need anything. I made sure to thank as many people as possible and maintain the connection with them.

Sidebar to a lesson I have learned (that isn’t so creative on my part): connections are essential. If there is anything you need that is not in your field of expertise (or it is in your field of expertise and you want some advice), it is always necessary to have a connection to go to. Beyond getting help or advice is the services other people can offer to you. One of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur is being able to use connections to your advantage. Whether this means trading something you can offer or simply offering a helping hand, it is necessary for everyone to help one another out in order to help everyone succeed.

Fastforward to a few days ago. I wrote Barbara Corcoran a hand-written thank you note to show her my gratitude for speaking at the Growth Conference and taking the time out to talk to me one-on-one (and sign a roll). She probably gets loaded with emails so I wanted to be sure to stand out and a hand-written note does just that – stands out and shows a little extra gratitude. It was unbelievable to see a response because she actually shot me an email back! It read “Thank you for the kind card. I am glad that you enjoyed the Growth Conference as much as I did. I hope you took something from it. Have a great day and good luck! Best, Barbara”. Well how freakin’ cool is that?! Sometimes taking a little extra time can really go a long way.

On Wednesday, Kornberg and I headed over to Blue Note Grill – time for an install! (Preview to the previous day when I walk in to my room to see this:

2013-01-15 14.12.08

Thanks to my roommate, Nick, for signing off on the packages and making the UPS guy think you are weird!

It may have seemed like hard work, but I only had 4 boxes – Jordan had a move-in with 28! We ventured over to Blue Note Grill, and the first thing Kornberg says to me when he walks in is, “Wow, this smells amazing – now I’m hungry.”

We move in the 4 boxes of toilet paper, all 320 rolls of them, along with 2 dispensers and figure that since there are already dispensers there, that we will just replace them. Well you learn something new everyday, and being in the toilet paper business, you learn odd new things everyday. Wednesday I learned that all toilet paper dispensers require different places for screws, which seems pretty intuitive. You have to make sure to always be prepared, and thank god we had Blue Note Grill, owner, Bill, working with us!

Thank you to Blue Note Grill owner, Bill. It might look like I am doing all the work, but he was the handyman!

Thank you to Blue Note Grill owner, Bill. It might look like I am doing all the work, but he was the handyman!

We put the safety stickers on the dispensers, drilled a few holes in the wall, put some Star TP in the dispensers and Voila! Blue Note Grill is now stocked with our toilet paper. Bill was almost as excited as we were, bringing over a few different employees at the restaurant to show of their new toilet paper! We are beyond excited about the partnership and will definitely be heading over for some fingerlickin’ good ribs and BBQ pork cheeseburgers (yes, they are as good as they sound).

2013-01-16 16.00.36

This week has been important to be able to maintain the connections we built over the past week while making sure we continued to push forward. As always, it is important to live in the moment while maintaining an eye on the future and how you can move forward, grow, and learn from these amazing experiences. Jordan and I both made sure that we cherished each moment of the Growth Conference and when it was over, made sure to continue working on growing the company. (P.S. A pretty cool article about advice from top entrepreneurs features me on Entrepreneur Magazine’s website. Check it out here:

As always we are open to any comments, questions, and suggestions. Please feel free to comment below, like us on Facebook and write on our wall, or email me at And remember, Don’t Rush, Look Before You Flush!

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Guerrilla Marketing

Being bold in your advertising efforts is instrumental. Chances are there are many competitors and other companies in your industry and for that reason it is integral that you stand out. What are you more likely to remember the company who advertises in a phone book or online or a company that does guerrilla marketing and unique advertising. Outdoor and out of home media are the ideal places for bold advertising that will captive an audiences attention. Here are some great examples of companies that have used guerrilla marketing successfully to generate word of mouth buzz about their brands:




Did you know that 98% of people responded positively to seeing ads in the bathroom? If you are looking to wipe away the competition then visit to advertise in a more unique and innovative manner.

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Surreal and Humbling – the Only Way to Describe the Best Day of My Life

Normally I write my blog posts on Thursday and Friday, but I write this as I sit here on Wednesday on my way to the Growth Conference in Dallas to receive my award as Entrepreneur Magazine’s College Entrepreneur of 2012. These are all genuine feelings of mine prior to the conference and I will promise you that this has not been changed since Wednesday to you reading this right now.

The amount of things running through my mind is unbelievable. On the one hand, I am so beyond proud to represent so many different groups and people with this unbelievable people. There will be upwards of 500 people, staring at me and focusing on me for about 10 minutes. All attention on me. I am showing my video submission and giving a 3-5 minute speech when I accept the award. I am so excited to be able to represent Star Toilet Paper, Duke University, Rye Brook, my friends, the young entrepreneur community, and the myriad of other group I am a member of.

Just prior to writing this, I wrote my speech. Again. For at least the 10th time. I have given a ton of speeches in my life, whether that is to my high school class or an elevator pitch to hundreds of people at Duke. But never have I been able to speak about something so passionate of mine to people the likes of Barbara Corcoran, Erika Napoletano, Jason Fells… and had them listen to me just so I can tell them about something I love. Of course I am thrilled to be able to do this, but nervous at the same time. I am not nervous of messing up. After all, I am simply saying thank you and telling them (in addition to the hundreds of other Dallas entrepreneurs, members of Entrepreneur Magazine, UPS, and others) about Star Toilet Paper. But for some reason, I cannot shake the butterflies I have in my stomach as I prepare to give this speech. I guess we will just have to wait and see how it goes. I would say that the excitement-to-nerves ratio is at about 80:20 right now, sure to fluctuate within the next 18 hours.

Beyond this business jargon, what else am I excited for? Well I am just 19 years old, and I am getting flown to Dallas for two nights with two nights of hotel, all paid for both my brother and myself. I am speaking to hundreds of people who will be looking at me as someone who they admire, even if only for a brief moment. And I will be awarded with an unbelievably prestigious award that I could not have imagined receiving in my dreams. But don’t get me wrong, I am just an ordinary 19-year-old. I still stop my blog posts for a quick inning of play in the 9 Innings Baseball app on my phone while I listen to Roses by Outkast – nothing like some late 90s and early 2000s music. This is what I love about being an entrepreneur. I get to do something I love, be myself, and meet amazing people along the way. How does that sound in the life of a 19-year-old?

What am I expecting from the conference? I am not sure. What do I hope to get out of it? I hope to meet some really freaking cool people and I hope to be able to not only spread the Star Toilet Paper mantra of disruption, but the entrepreneurial mindset of innovation as a whole. In talking to various people about entrepreneurship, I always tell them that being an entrepreneur is not a job. It is a mindset. A mindset where you can always find an innovate solution to a problem that you see in life. And that “problem” is often not one that too many other people can see.

…Flashforward – it is now 11 PM Dallas time and I am waking up in 5.5 hours to get on my flight back to North Carolina. And I can honestly say that I had the most surreal, humbling, unbelievable day I have had in my life. The Growth Conference held by Entrepreneur Magazine and sponsored by the UPS Store is amazing for everyone that attends, let alone a 19-year-old being called an inspiration by 750 other people.

We will start in the morning, when Jordan and I got to the Dallas Convention Center where it was being held and very well could have been the first people there. We walked around, loved all the photos that were there and were beyond excited for the day. At that point, though, we had no idea what to expect. 7:30-8:30 AM was registration and schmoozing time and there were a few people who came up to us saying, “hey saw your toilet paper it is so cool!” and we thought that was awesome.

Around 9 AM, Barbara Corcoran came on to deliver her keynote speech. I was beyond excited, having no idea what to expect not only from her speech, but questions popping up in my head like, “What was the ballroom going to look like? Who would I be sitting at a table with? Would I get to meet anyone cool?” Little did I realize they day that was about to come. Barbara of course delivered an unbelieveble speech, highlighting the fun and quirkiness that is necessary in maintaining any successful business while ascertaining that it is of course essential to have some sort of ego and self-confidence to start that business.

There was a picture of my upper body that must have been bigger than me!

There was a picture of my upper body that must have been bigger than me! That was the entrance to the main ballroom where the keynote and luncheon were.

Everyone loved her keynote, and after, I wanted to see if I would get a chance to meet with her. I rushed over to the side of the stage, just to find out that at least 30 people had beat me to it. However, a little birdie (who I made sure to thank very much) told me where I could have some 1-on-1 time with her. And so I went there. And I got it. And she loved the idea. She gave me her business card and she even signed a roll – how cool?!


Signed roll by Barbara Corcoran! It reads “You will be rich on toilet paper!” – how cool?

After some down time walking around to the different breakout sessions, seeing the likes of Erika Napoletano, Grant Cardone, and Jason Falls, I headed upstairs for my walkthrough of the awards ceremony. Who was I with? Limor Fried (the Entrepreneur of 2012 with Adafruit), Jason Lucash (Emerging Entrepreneur of 2012 with OrigAudio), Amy Cosper (editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine), Tim Davis (President of the UPS Store), Lisa Murray (VP of Marketing for Entrepreneur Magazine), and Mike Ludlum (VP of Entrepreneur Magazine). We did our walkthrough and it was beyond cool, getting a chance to connect with these people who said congratulations to me.

Fast forward through lunch, where we all sat at the same table and were able to connect on a more personal level, and it was time for me to give my speech to the 750+ people staring straight at me. Jason asked me if I was nervous and I pretended not to be, but then told him of course – I haven’t spoken to more than 30 or 40 people more than 1 time, let alone this many people all looking to me for advice! Tim Davis did an amazing introduction, we watched the 3-4 minute pitch video I submitted, and I walked onto the stage. I felt like I was a celebrity, with the lights on, the cameras flashing, accepting a BIG check for $5,000 and getting a cool, new trophy (for those of you who know me well, you know I love trophies), standing in between Amy and Tim.


And then it was my turn. I started my speech and once I got into it, it was smooth sailing. People actually laughed at my jokes, which is a first for me, and I was able to tell our story and how I came to be at that point. That’s all it was, just me telling our story – how hard can that be? After my speech, I was sure to thank plenty of people, including my friends, our supporters, my family, mom, dad, and of course, Jordan. Finally, I had to thank Entrepreneur Magazine and the UPS Store and finished with, “And of course, remember – Don’t Rush, Look Before You Flush!”

After the same thing happened with Jason and Limor, and they killed their speeches as well, we got to do a photo op with all of us. Now that was pretty freakin’ cool. After that, I had some people come up to me saying congratulations and one person even asked for my autograph! Now it seems like I just have to work on that signature…

After trying to take it all in and how surreal it actually was, we headed downstairs for cocktail hour for some more schmoozing. And after my speech, I could not move without someone saying something nice about the company or me or having a question for me. I literally felt like a celebrity. People wanting pictures, wanting my business card, and just wanting to get the chance to talk to me. No matter who they were, of course I was open to it! A 19-year-old who is getting asked for advice? I don’t think this is going to happen much more – but looks like we will have to wait and see! I must have given out 40-50 business cards to people wanting to connect, which is amazing in it of itself. I was able to connect with some amazingly passionate people and was so glad to have the opportunity.

After schmoozing and thanking the amazing people of Entrepreneur Magazine and the UPS Store who put the whole Growth Conference together, it was time for Jordan and I to head back up to the room to relax for a little bit. We then headed over to the sports bar to grab some food with Jason Falls, Erika Napoletano, Jason Lucash, OrigAudio co-founder Mike Syzmcak, and a few others. It was unbelievable to connect with these people on such a personal level, we must have been at dinner for 3 hours just chatting about everything you could imagine. They all do some amazing things and I am really looking forward to staying in touch with them.

I am sitting here now, reflecting on what was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and trying to put it into words. It is an extremely humbling experience and one that I will remember and cherish forever. The people I met, the connections I made, and the experience overall was just unbelievable. Before I finish, I have to say thank you to Jordan, who was by my side all day as a videographer, photographer, and true jack of all trades. Not only today, but everyday, could not be possible without you. We took a ton of pictures that we will upload to our Facebook page, so be sure to follow there as well. Keep your eyes open as well for more updates as we bring them in.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to comment below, write on our Facebook wall, or shoot me an email. And remember, Don’t Rush, Look Before You Flush!

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Bridge the Gap – The Advantages of a Unique Ad Platform

One of the questions we get asked most from people is why would a company advertise on toilet paper? A place where people are going to you know what…Our answer is always the same, what do you look for in a new innovative advertising opportunity? Is it the ability to get noticed? The ability to reach an unmatched captive audience? Maybe, you want to measure the success of your campaign? Or even reach a specific demographic?

Our printed toilet paper is used as a jumping off point, a platform to get noticed. Look up in the dictionary what advertising is, “the act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radio or television, on billboards.” Sounds like something that advertising on toilet paper absolutely has the ability to do. Who knows, one day maybe we will even be included in that definition. But, this is simply the minimum value a product must deliver – here we look to create a whole product solution. Something that can both be a small part of an advertising campaign as well as anchor one.

Beyond this definition, we seek to bridge the gap between offline and online advertising. Print advertising offers the benefits of a captive audience and a unique ad platform, while things like coupon codes and QR Codes enable us to track these ads and deliver superior tracking to other print advertising. No more of getting a special yellow phone in your business. Get the unique advertising with the metrics you have become accustomed to through Google, Facebook, and online analytic platforms.

So why advertise on toilet paper? We understand where it is going and we want you to as well. People are always going to have questions, but that is what makes us successful. The questions you have is exactly what draws a consumers eyes to your ad. If you want to stand out from the competition and be labeled as innovative and cutting edge then this may be the perfect fit. Beyond this, you might as well track your ads and get noticed; because for us, being unique and innovative is only part of the equation.

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STP in 2013? We are Focused on January!

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year’s Eve celebrations as much as I did. I was able to spend a great night with friends who I won’t be seeing for a long time and was still able to wish my family a Happy New Year’s. At least around midnight – after all, the phone lines lock up right around then!

This is New Year's Eve in the best city on Earth. What did you do to celebrate the New Year?

This is New Year’s Eve in the best city on Earth. What did you do to celebrate the New Year?

I am leaving to go back to school on Sunday, which is definitely bittersweet. I have had an incredible time at home, spending time with friends and family, being able to go back into the office, and being able to once again work with Jordan in close quarters. However, I am very excited to go back as well, as I go back and look to finalize Blue Note Grill and Devine’s (more to come below), look to make some great connections via the great startup environment down in Durham, and I look to spread the viral message of Star Toilet Paper.

There are, however, a few things left to do before I go back. Although I have only 2 days left, there is plenty of time to make sure Jordan and I are on the same page. I know I harp on this a lot, but communication is essential in a startup. I have to ensure that Jordan and I are thinking the same thing moving forward, knowing exactly what steps we are going to take in the next few days, weeks, and months. Furthermore, I have to finalize my plan for Duke with Jordan so that we can coordinate what I can do down in Durham to ensure I maintain my responsibility in day-to-day operations while taking advantage of the fact that I have the resources of a college campus and that I am embracing the community down there.

I figured I should give an update as to where I am down in Durham as well, considering it is very exciting. Where am I with Blue Note Grill? Well the advertisers are completed and it is currently in the printing process. In mid-January, you will be able to go to Blue Note Grill and use Star Toilet Paper. However, when our toilet paper reaches a venue does not mean our work stops. In fact, that is when the grunt work begins. We have many things to monitor: the consumers’ happiness, the happiness of the advertisers, and how quickly/slowly the rolls are being used to see when/if we need to re-stock, among many other things. We know that Star Toilet Paper is completely safe to use and there are absolutely no issues. However, many people do not understand that it is identical (or almost identical) to using the napkins you see with print on them at Subway or Au Bon Pain, and we have to ensure people recognize that.

Next, we have to do customer success with the advertisers. This consists of a number of different things. First, we want to survey those in the venue to see what they feel about the companies that advertised, the advertisements themselves, and to see whether or not they are going to actually use any of the coupons they see. In the past we have had great success and we only expect better for Blue Note Grill. After this, we go to the advertisers to see what it is like on their end. While it is essential for us to be able to measure QR code scans, downloads, redemptions, etc., we also need to work with the advertiser to see the effectiveness on their end. How many people who scanned the QR code actually came in? How many people used a coupon to purchase a good from the advertiser? Again, we have seen great success in the past and expect even better from the great community in Durham.

To update you on Devine’s we had a very productive break and actually filled all the slots necessary for the restaurant/sports bar. Now we need to meet with the advertisers to go over the necessary forms, ensure we know what they want on their ad, and design the ad. Next comes sending to the printer, and hopefully by mid-late February you will be seeing Star Toilet Paper in Devine’s as well!

Lastly, and certainly not least, in one week I will be on my way back from Dallas for Entrepreneur Magazine’s Growth Conference. Jordan and I could not be more excited about our trip to connect with some incredible people and to see Star Toilet Paper get honored in such an incredible light. We will definitely be live tweeting from the event so be sure to follow us @bryanstartp and @startoiletpaper to see updates and pictures from the Conference.

Well now you guys can see how busy 2013 is going to be – and by the way, did I mention that all of this is for January? Stay updated on us and be sure to subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the box at the top right of the page. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, comments below, like us on Facebook and write on our wall, or email me at And remember, Don’t Rush, Look Before You Flush!

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